Most fast food restaurants offer lighter, healthier fare.  Try items such as grilled chicken sandwiches (no mayo), single burgers without mayo (turkey or veggie are better choices). Accompany these with side salads with low-fat/non-fat dressing and apple slices.  Salads with grilled chicken are good choices, as are parfaits. For portion control, consider ordering the kid’s meal. Adults can eat those too!

I recommend limiting/avoiding the fried foods. For example, french fries shouldn’t be the “go to,”, but if you want them, indulge in the small fries, not the large ones. Double, triple, quadruple, XL and more aren’t a good idea.  I also suggest no regular soda, milk shakes, juice or other caloric beverages. We shouldn’t drink our calories. Water is the gold standard, but if you want a soda, go for the diet one.

Enjoy the meal!