I went to one of my favorite restaurants yesterday for lunch. It’s a salad bar, soup and other goodies, all-you-can-eat affair and I adore it! Where else can you get so many fantastic vegetables, fruit and other nutritious offerings that you can combine how you like?... read more

Add the Pounds to Your Suitcase, Not Your Person

Summer is right around the corner and many of us are dusting off our suitcases with visions of vacations dancing in our heads. We’ll travel by trains, planes and automobiles, as well as by boat, bus, cycle and foot. Our vacations will run the gamut from visiting... read more

Think Differently

I enjoyed speaking at the Think Differently Forum at the College of Charleston last week. The topic was my book FAST FOOD VINDICATION and my position on fast food and its effect on society. Click here to read the presentation:... read more

Ah, Mississippi…

Mississippi, which holds the dubious distinction of being the most obese state in America, recently “weighed” in on New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s so far unsuccessful attempt to limit the size of sugar-laden beverages. What did they do? They passed a bill that would... read more

The State of the Soda

Last week a judge struck down New York City’s ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces the day before it was to go into effect. The ban affected restaurants, food carts and movie theaters, but not venues like convenience and grocery stores or any other venue not regulated... read more

Shaking off the Salt

I watched my husband at dinner last night. It was a typical meal, one where we ate at home, just the two of us breaking bread in our dining room. I love to cook and had prepared one of my husband’s favorite dishes. As always, I created a healthy, low fat concoction.... read more

The Lowdown on the Lipid Panel

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in our body cells and our blood. We need cholesterol, as it aids in digestion, hormone, bile acid and vitamin D production and more. We get cholesterol from two sources. Our liver makes it and the rest we get through the... read more

Feeding Our Feelings

I’m a dietitian. I’m a nutrition expert and I use this knowledge to help thousands of people every year on a variety of health issues. I know what I’m talking about and I’ve helped people make changes and achieve great results. But I’m also human. I also walk the... read more

A Reader or a Writer, Which Would I Rather Be?

A reader or writer, which would I rather be? What a question that is! I love both so much and to choose one or the other is difficult. It’s the perfect conundrum. As it turns out, I’ve been reading and writing for most of my life, since I was a little girl. Both have... read more

A Crash is a Collision

I’ve recently been asked about crash diets, an eating pattern that is very short-term, perhaps even just a few days, in order to lose a few pounds. I’ve written about fad diets on my blog at A fad diet is also short-term, but for many is... read more