Dare to Dream

From early childhood I’ve always been a creative person. Among many things I enjoyed, and still do, is singing and acting in plays. But one of my most favorite things was, and is, writing.

I wrote my first play when I was in 4th grade. It was a holiday play and not only was I the author, I was the star. Why not? I performed it for my class and I have this wonderful memory of my father building a chimney for me that I could climb through as part of my set. I went on to write several more plays, culminating in my crowning stage achievement with my 7th grade play, “Rocky and the Boys.” It was a bank robbery caper. And once again, I gave myself the starring role. I played Rocky. And as he always did, my father built the set which included a bank teller station. My mother provided the props and sat in the cafeteria and applauded while we put the play on in front of the entire 7th grade class. It was awesome!

While this was my last play that I wrote, I acted and sang in others. And I never stopped writing. So many years later, in 2012, I wrote my first book FAST FOOD VINDICATION. It was hard work but very rewarding. This nutrition-based book is something that I’m quite proud of. And I believe that my parents would have been as well. Unfortunately, neither lived to read it.

Last week I found out that FAST FOOD VINDICATION won two different awards for best nutrition book of the year. I’m absolutely thrilled. And somewhere out there, I know my parents are smiling.

So I’m very pleased to pass on to you the new press release about my award-winning book FAST FOOD VINDICATION:





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