Read the full story at NBC television station WFMJ’s Web site.   Jun 04, 2013 8:41 AM PDT FAST FOOD VINDICATION, the provocative nonfiction book by hospital dietitian Lisa Tillinger Johansen, has been honored with two prestigious awards at the publishing... read more

Diners badly underestimate calories in fast-food meals

Nanci Hellmich , USA TODAY May 23, 2013 Teens underestimated the calories in fast-food meals by 34%; parents of school-age children by 23%; adults by 20%, study s Teens underestimated the calories in fast-food meals by 34%; parents of school-age children by 23%;... read more

Small Eateries Better Than Fast Food? Think Again

Small eateries better than fast food? Think again. By Deborah Kotz The Boston Globe    MAY 20, 2013 Share via e-mail TO ADD A MESSAGE YOUR E-MAIL  Cance FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ LINKEDIN REDDIT TWITTER “Small restaurants that don’t report calories appear to be the worst... read more

Too Few Kids Use Fast-Food Calorie Info, Study Finds

US News and World Report May 23, 2013   THURSDAY, May 23 (HealthDay News) — While some fast-food chains are required to provide calorie and other nutritional information to help customers make informed choices, kids who eat fast food at least twice a week... read more

Restaurant Meals Go To ‘Xtreams,’ Watchdog Group Says

Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY January 16, 2013 Consumer group selects high-calorie restaurant meals for Xtreme Eating Awards, a dubious honor. Take a milkshake, blend in a piece of apple pie and voila! You have an 1,140-calorie Big Apple Shake from Johnny Rockets... read more

Restaurant offers $120 Bacon and Egg Sandwich

SYDNEY, May 12 (UPI) — A restaurant in Australia is offering a $120 egg-and-bacon roll this week as part of Bacon Week, officials said. 4Fourteen, a restaurant in Surry Hills, will have the extravagant breakfast sandwich on its menu for just one week, The Sunday... read more

Subway Just as Unhealthy as McDonald’s – Mon, May 20, 2013 If you watched the London Olympics last summer, you saw a parade of top athletes touting the nutritional qualities of their favorite eatery: Subway. Watching Apolo Ohno or Robert Griffin III bite into a veggie footlong with avocado or... read more